Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Paris Hilton, getting real!

Since every one is blogging this week about Paris Hilton, I thought I'd add this picture for another two cent's worth.

[Picture (link) courtesy of the Hilton Paris (link)]

It's the Hilton Paris, we've been there, it's very nice.

Paris' Daddy owns it (mostly).


I love it Jim... the best picture of Paris Hilton (since) she got out of jail. She seems so much stiffer since her incarceration. ~ jb///
Jim - I really got a kick out of your post on my NAPA post. I follwed the link back and under "ABOUT" is the exact table that Mrs. LZ and my MIL had luch. Sounds like we should have stuck around for the fish though! Thanks for the offer to be the designated driver TOO! ~ jb///
Thanks, LZ. Sometimes I just check around when I find nice and interesting blog. That's why I decided to Google the restauarant.
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