Monday, September 22, 2008

Today is the first day of Fall. Enjoy the season!

Picture of the day:

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Word of the day:
Devil's Dictionary: The humorist of the medical profession.

Urban Dictionary: HOMOEOPATHIST isn't defined yet.
TheFreeDictionary: (Homeopathy) Noun -- a method of treating disease by the use of small amounts of a drug that produces symptoms of the disease in healthy people [Greek homoios similar + patheia suffering]

Plans for the day:
Straighten and tie waxed myrtle bush tree in front of house (partially uprooted by Hurricane Ike)

Call in prescription refill. This is to our new prescription drug insurance provider. A test to see if they accept our refills.

Call retirement living center to see if they are ready for Adi and my Tuesday visit (may not be back in order due to Hurricane Ike)
Adi gets a bath

Work on organizing my clutter

Wash some clothes

Other things, TBD

Went to church

Lunch at Applebees

Paid a bill and shopped for necessities--groceries, printer cartriges, stakes for trees

Answered blog comments

Read part of the Sunday paper

Tried new brand of ice cream, HEB Creamie Vanilla before bedtime. All four of us liked it (Mrs. Jim, Adi, Katrin, and me)


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