Tuesday, October 03, 2006

June Bug, June Bug! . . . No, its October Bug!

October bug really isn't a bug at all. I found her climbing our wall by the back door. That is a brick she is clinging to, wedging herself against the door frame.

I wonder where this creature is now? I hope she can find food and water. A lot of those little white bugs come to the window in the door every warm night, then they die there. I think she will have plenty of food to help her grow up fine.

What will she look like when she grows up? I sure don't know. I don't even know what she is. Do you?
[Click on her to enlarge]
[My other NOT June bugs are (click) HERE Today, Oct 3.]


Britmum said...
Oh Jim do we need to name him too? How about Sticky....


Take care xx

Wed Oct 04, 01:37:54 AM CDT

Peter said...
In Australia he/she would be a green frog, dunno what he/she is in your world.

Wed Oct 04, 02:21:53 AM CDT

Jeanette said...
Hi Jim
Peter Got here 1st I agree it is a little Green tree frog
Take care

Wed Oct 04, 07:31:06 AM CDT

Jim said...
I'll bet she is a tree frog. I'll check on that.
Sticky is leading so far for the name bit. Britmum names all her critters.

Over at http://jimmiehov3.blogspot.com/
for October 3 I have all my NOT June bugs and the real June bug assembled.
We still need August bug.

Wed Oct 04, 07:51:11 AM CDT

Margaret said...
Beautiful Green frog is what he/she is.I used to raise native frogs when I lived in Brisbane. When living at The Palms I used to dispose of the cane toads to enable native frogs to thrive.Our native frogs became an endangered species because of cane toads. Thanks for your visit to my site, no, have not read Chicken Soup for The Carer. I will see if it available here. Cheers Margaret

Wed Oct 04, 07:54:22 AM CDT

jel said...
it look's like a tree frog to me,

the one's we have , sound pretty when they calling for rain :)

have a great day!

Wed Oct 04, 08:02:05 AM CDT

lori said...
It's cold and rainy here in Michigan.

Wed Oct 04, 08:48:22 AM CDT

Jerry said...
It's warm here in Tulsa too. I am loving it.

Wed Oct 04, 07:08:59 PM CDT
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