Tuesday, October 03, 2006

June Bug! June Bug! It's Brown, It's Brown!

Until last night this was the only June Bug we have had this summer. It was in the dining room, just barely crawling along. After a couple of photo ops I released it; I really think it was done for.

Most June bugs only live a short while. They come to the lights, fly around, and die. Of exhaustion? Maybe a heart attack?

What color: brown, of course. Never green. Now it seems it all depends on where you came from as to what a true June bug is. Here's my kind (I'm a native Nebraskan):

To be fair to Rachel (April 17 blog), the article further goes on:

So Rachel is correct too, as she is from the south, born and raised??

Why until last night? Because last night another one came, bit the dust, and was lying on the back door mat this morning.



At Thu Jun 15, 03:00:53 AM CDT, Anonymous said...
Be nice.....okay.

At Thu Jun 15, 09:57:18 AM CDT, Britmum said...
Jim I do not like bugs even if they are named after a summer month.

Take care xx

At Thu Jun 15, 01:00:54 PM CDT, LZ Blogger said...
They turn green when you step on them and the sound is like stepping on a grape inside a peanut shell. UNFORGETTABLE truly! (I only say that because it happens to me about 1000 times each summer.) ~ jb///

At Thu Jun 15, 07:16:28 PM CDT, Radical One said...
here in the south, definitely green!!!! but ewwe, i agree with britmum... i hate bugs even when they're named after a lovely summer month.

hope you're all doing well. be nice to mrs. jim, now!

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