Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's June Bug! No, It's July Bug!

A dead bug is a good bug, but
A live KatyDid is a pleasant bug!
What the chewing locust left,
the swarming locust has eaten;
What the swarming locust left,
the crawling locust has eaten;
And what the crawling locust left,
the consuming locust has eaten.
Joel 1:4, New King James Bible (link)
[click on pictures to enlarge]

Orchelimum vulgare, a meadow katydid (Conocephalinae),
Picture (link) courtessy of
North American Katydids (link)


Note: North American KatyDid link, http://buzz.ifas.ufl.edu/katydids.htm


At Sun Aug 13, 12:33:50 AM CDT, Britmum said...
Jim I know that I showed you a hairy scorpion but are you trying to scare me again. I don't mind as long as I don't physically see them. Scragend found a bright green scorpion in the flower bed by our court yard today. He said that it was half dead. So he took it at let it go in a wash near our house.


Take care xx

At Sun Aug 13, 08:02:52 AM CDT, jel said...
hey Jim,
i had always wondered what KatyDid ? :)

and thanks for stopping by , your a hoot :)

and i'm some better, still have a headach, but i have all the time!
blessings to ya!

At Sun Aug 13, 05:09:46 PM CDT, curious servant said...
Hi Jim!

Just back from camping. Thought I'd drop a note even though I haen't anything to tell about what Katy did.

At Sun Aug 13, 05:47:03 PM CDT, poopie said...
I've been finding the shells all over the place. Sure sign that fall is on the way ;)

At Sun Aug 13, 07:05:15 PM CDT, Jeanette said...
HI Jim thanks for your visits and comments.
A dead bug is a good bug
now ive caught up with everyone ill be back to read more

At Sun Aug 13, 08:01:07 PM CDT, Seeker said...
April may. May June? Well, Katydid.

At Sun Aug 13, 09:55:52 PM CDT, Rachel said...
That top bug looks like what we always called a "jar fly". At any rate that is one dead bug.

(I only drive by that church that I take pictures of the sign. I belong to a Baptist church though!) Our church doesn't do the signs like that.
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